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Indonesia as a country with the highest Thunderstormdays in the world. Lightning Strike can danger or interrupt the human activity  out-side as well as inside the building. In the out-door activity  such as at Mining Exploration facility, oil & gas Exploration facility , at the Golf Course, lightning can hit  human being so that  availability of the lightning protectors and surge arrester for those facilities is urgently needed.   External Lightning Protection is designed to protect building, infrastructure, oil tank farm, telecommunication tower and human being in open area against lightning strike. Tall and high structure such as telecommunication tower, high-rise building, oil tanks farm or electrical poles are easy target for lightning strike which can bring catastrophic damage and significant loss to the company operation. PenangkalPetirProper integrated lightning protection system is required to protect those facilities against lightning hazard. External lightning protection consist of External Lightning Air Terminal, cable down conductor and grounding.

Reliable protection of structures, industrial , commercial facility and personnel is Zeus concern by developing Lightning Protection Air Terminal and  its supporting component which is suitable to protect those facilities against lightning strike especially for the application in the tropical and sub-tropical area.      Zeus Listrik Level-2

ZEUS Product & Services on Surge – Lightning  Protection :    

  • Consultancy on SLPS Surge & Lightning Protection System.
  • Surveying, Designing the SLPS Surge & Lightning Protection System.
  • Auditing the existing SLPS
  • Manufacturing of Surge Arresters for Electrical Line, Telecommunications, PABX, VSAT Satellite Dish, Control System DCS- PLC and others.
  • Manufacturing the External Lightning  Protection  Equipment, Grounding System Equipment and ThermoWelding Devices.  prima-radio-guard-1000
  • Installing the SLPS Equipment.
  • Conduct Training on SLPS Surge & Lightning Protection System

 ZEUS Lightning Surge Arrester, Grounding Products

  • External Protection: ESE Early Streamer Emission & Electrostatic Air Terminal
  • Down conductor cable.
  • Grounding : grounding bar, earth clamp.Lev-2_Ph-3_Mod-1000
  • Thermowelding equipment and appliances.
  • Internal Protection : Surge Arrester for electrical line, telecommunication, control system, computer & data and others.

ZEUS Product Services ( Penangkal Petir) :

  • Manufacturing of External Lightning Terminal :   ESE Early Streamer Emission.
  • Manufacturing of External Lightning Terminal :   System Electrostatic
  • Manufacturing of Grounding System, Bonding & Thermowelding
  • Auditing the Existing External – Internal Surge Lightning Protection System.
  • Maintenance SLPS Surge & Lightning Protection System. ( Penangkal petir / Proteksi Petir)
  • Renovation of  SLPS Surge Lighning Protection and Grounding System


Company professional team consist of experts and lightning researchers from Laboratory of High Voltage Current – Electrical Engineering Department – ITB Institut Teknologi Bandung Indonesia, dedicated engineers and technicians with experience in the design, installation and implementation of LPS Lightning Protection System in the tropical region.  As leader in this field and with the most experienced experts, the company organizes a Training on LPS Lightning Protection System since 1990.


Since 1990, regularly three times a year, the company organizes Training & Course on LPS Surge Lightning Protection System     (Pelatihan Penangkal Petir) The course will provide the knowledge of LPS, the types and the new development of lightning & surge protection system, grounding system & thermo welding, Standard Lightning   Protection IEC and NFPA, Local Code & Standard, types of lightning arresters and arester tester, internal & external lightning protection, risk analyzes of LPS, follow by discussion about LPS & Grounding problem. The course will include the site visit to the telecom tower protected by Zeus at Cikarang location or to ITB Lightning Research Station at Tangkuban Perahu Mountain +2030 m and the only natural lightning research station under the equator located in the sub-tropical area.


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Lightning Position & Tracking System

penangkal petir Zeus


Indonesia LPATS Lightning Position & Tracking System in 1995 operated by ITB-Lightning Research Station, is highly – accurate and sophisticated computer based system. LPATS  uses a unique, patented time-of-arrival (TOA) technique for locating cloud-to-ground lightning strokes. The precise time that lightning touches the ground is monitored to LPATS_Konfigurasi sub-microsecond accuracy at several receivers site simultaneously. Knowing that lightning travels only a few hundred meters in that time allows precise calculation to determine the accurate stroke location.   The LPATS network consists of four major components; antennas, receivers, central analyzer and interactive graphic map display terminal. A typical LPATS network with receiver spacing of 200 to 300 km needs only five receivers to achieve complete coverage with high detection efficiency over a 720.000km² area. A six-receiver network will adequately cover over 1.5 million km². By using the unique TOA-system. The many problems of older crossed-loop-magnetic direction-finding MDF systems, such as site errors, frequent antenna maintenance and alignment, etc, are completely avoided.  Typically , network receivers are placed in a square configuration, 200 to 400 km per side, with the fifth receiver location used for redundancy verification purposes. For maximum coverage, up to six receivers can be used.

For the equivalent coverage using older MDF-types systems. Literally dozens of DF receivers would be required, resulting in much greater initial costs, as well as continuing higher communications and maintenance costs. Economic studies invariably show a much lower installation and operating cost per km² for LPTAS than dor MDF-type systems.  An LPATS network has been installed in Indonesia an operated by ITB Institute Technology Bandung starting in year 1995, as similarly demonstrated by many systems currently operating in USA, Europe and South America. Each receiver in a given network is synchronized to a common Tampilan_Windows_LPATS-01 (1)timing reference source, such as TVRO earth station, a TV broadcast station, or a LORAN-C navigation signal.  It is possible to find source of network synchronization virtually anywhere in the world.   Above figure is the output of the LPATS accessory in the LPATS-VIS screen display. This particular display shows a 1996 lightning storm ( including the cumulonimbus CB cloud) in East java Indonesia. As is normal with lightning associated with CB cumulonimbus cloud.  In some countries de WeatherNews Meteorologists commonly  have compared LPATS data with their national radar echoes and Geostationary Meteorological Satellite photo  and distributes the data including LPATS data to their customers, which include diverse activities such as airports, shipping, construction, government, university and commercial TV broadcast clients.  This Real Time lightning data (including the CB cumulonimbus cloud ) with high accuracy extending over very large areas of Java Indonesia that has been operated by ITB Lightning Research Station in Bandung  is the unique data which customers have been waiting for and can now use to their safety advantage some instance in airline flight operation.

The colour print out shown above form LPATS each will represents the time or duration of the thunderstorm  lightning strikes.  Above lightning strike occurred 17 February 1996, and colour programmed represents for the last lightning occurred,  the red colour is 5 minutes, the yellow colour 10 minutes, the green colour 15 minutes, blue 20 minutes, PLN_Sutet_Data_Petir_LPATSdark blue 25 minutes, and black is 30 minutes ago. The lightning thunderstorm path travel monitored by LPATS window 50 x 50 km².  The colour print out of the LPATS system for the PLN Indonesia State Electricity the transmission & distribution network 70,150, 500 KV. The plot of position of the first  ring in brown color is 10 km, and the last ring in green colour 50 km.  The CB cumulonimbus cloud from which the lightning emanated was first detected and hit the PLN tower .Within duration of 3 seconds  is reported the negative lightning strikes the PLN tower on 3 December 1998 and the intensity is 93.5 Kamps time 08.52 UTC. The next PLN tower was hit by 60.7 Kamps lightning 2 minutes later at 08.54 UTC. The figure is reported in real time by using the TOA Time of Arrival technology of the LPATS Lightning Position & Tracking System.



Penangkal Petir Zeus

penangkal petir Zeus

Petir adalah fenomena alam yang dapat menyambar dimana saja seperti di : bangunan, tower atau infrastruktur lain setiap saat dan dimana saja tanpa kita ketahui terlebih dahulu. Didaerah dengan tingkat hari guruh (thunderstormdays) ter-tinggi dunia seperti  di Indonesia, petir akan menyambar lebih sering dengan intensitas yang juga lebih besar.  PenangkalPetirDi Indonesia yang memilki Thunderstormdays tertinggi didunia, maka  keberadaan Penangkal Petir Eksternal dan Internal (arrester) yang baik sangat diperlukan.  Penangkal petir yang diperlukan untuk sarana penting seperti  misalnya tower telkom dan ruang kontrol terdiri dari 2 bagian yaitu penangkal petir eksternal dan penangkal petir internal (surge arrester). Penangkal petir eksternal dipasang guna melindungi rumah, bangunan, tower,  mem-proteksi orang di lapangan terbuka dan lainnya. Sedangkan penangkal petir internal (surge arrester) diperlukan guna melindungi peralatan dalam gedung seperti: jaringan listrik, Scada,  jaringan komputer dan data, kontrol sistim, PABX Fax dan peralatan telekomunikasi lainnya.



External Lightning Protection

Zeus Prima Garda memproduksi jenis Penangkal Petir Eksternal dan Internal (Surge) Protection dg menggunakan Surge Arrester yang khusus didesain untuk penggunaan didaerah tropis. Produk Penangkal Petir ZEUS dibuat berdasarkan hasil penelitian dan pengembangan ( R&D) selama puluhan tahun oleh pakar-pakar petir Indonesia. Proteksi Petir atau Penangkal Petir ZEUS telah diuji coba di SPP-ITB Stasiun Peneliti Petir di Gn Tangkuban Perahu diketinggian 2032 meter diatas permukaan laut. Sebagai perusahaan nasional dengan dedikasi tinggi, ZEUS memproduksi penangkal petir atau proteksi petir dengan kualitas global. Produksi Penangkal Petir ZEUS telah

SPP-ITB banyak digunakan bukan saja didalam negeri tetapi juga diluar negeri seperti di Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand, Kambodja, Phillipine dan negara Asean lainnya.    Demikian pula pemasangan penangkal petir atau proteksi petir banyak dilakukan dalam komplek perumahan tempat tinggal. Selain di Indonesia produk Penangkal Petir  Zeus atau Proteksi Petir Zeus telah dipasang diberbagai komplek property di luar Indonesia, seperti di PhnomPenh Cambodia, di Vietnam dan Malaysia.  Didaerah dengan aktivitas petir tinggi seperti di area Grand PhnomPenh ibu-kota Kambodia pemasangan proteksi petir sangat diperlukan sebagai contoh di lokasi rumah ekslusif Borey Vimean di Grand PhnomPenh Cambodia tempat dimana produk unggulan Indonesia dibidang proteksi petir terlihat sudah banyak digunakan.   Proteksi Petir Zeus ESE Early Streamer Emission untuk Gedung Tinggi banyak digunakan diatas gedung seperti di BEJ Bursa Efek Jakarta & Gedung Ciputra World 52 lantai dengan ketinggian total mencapai 275 meter di Komplek Mega Kuningan Jakarta.


Tower transmissi distribusi PLN 20KV, 70KV – 150KV, dibeberapa lokasi sering kali mengalami gangguan akibat sambaran petir langsung dan menimbulkan  gangguan  serta kerusakan yang sering kali memutus supply listrik PLN.  Di beberapa daerah sepertiJawa Timur, Jawa Tengah dan Jawa-Barat (Garut, Karawang, Bandung Barat)  Di PLN AP2B Balikapapan Samarinda Kalimantan Timur  dan juga PLN Batam, sebagai contoh  Penangkal Petir ZEUS telah digunakan untuk  proteksi  Tower Transmisi Distribusi PLN 20 – 70 dan 150 KV. Di PLN Kalimnatan Timur sebagai contoh Sebelum instalasi pemasangan Penangkal Petir terlebih dahulu dilakukan presentasi dan dsikusi dikantor pusat PLN AP2B wilayah Kalimantan Timur dihadiri oleh GM General Manager dan Manajemen.. Diskusi yang comprehensive sebelum dilakukan pemasangan sangat penting dilakukan agar supaya dapat dilakukan koordinasi dengan bagian2 yang terkait dan menghindari kesalahgan dalam pemasangan.  LEC Lightning Event Counter ZEUS digunakan untuk mencatat jumlah sambaran petir dan dilengkapi dengan pita magnetik yang berfungsi mencatat besarnya KAmps dari petir tersebut. Data record yang dicatat oleh LEC dan pita magnetik sangat penting untuk program maintenance dari tower tersebut dan juga dapt digunakan untuk data research PLN. Pembacaan data petir yang tercatat dalam pita Magnetik dilakukan dengan cara kalibrasi dengan Osciloscoop dimana besarnya petir Kamps dapat diketahui.

Dibeberapa titik koordinat yang rawan petir, tiang jaringan distribusi transmisi PLN 20KV, 50KV, 70KV, 150KV ,sering kali mengalami gangguan petir hingga terputusnya supply listrik. Di Tower PLN, gangguan sering disertai dengan rusaknya trafo, atau isolator pecah meskipun di tower tersebut telah dipasang arrester tegangan menengah.


Petir dapat menimbulkan induksi gelombang elektromagnetik sejauh 2 km dari titik sambaran yang dapat menimbulkan kerusakan pada alat telekomunikasi, Scada, telepon network,  komputer network, penangkal petirjaringan listrik, DCS digital kontrol sistem , CCTV network dan lainnya. Untuk mengatasi terjadinya kerusakan di peralatan diatas diperlukan grounding yang baik dan juga pemasangan arrester ( penangkal petir internal)  yang sesuai spesifikasi dengan alat dan yang akan diproteksi. Demikian pula pemasangan arrester harus berdasarkan standard dan aturan seperti IEC 62305 atau standard lainnya.  Grounding perlatan yang buruk dan juga peralatan yang tidak dilengkapi dengan surge arrester ( penangkal petir internal)  akan banyak mengalami gangguan atyupun menjadi rusak boila n etrejadi sambaran petir dan induksi elektromagnetik yang ditimbulkannya.


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Lightning Protection Golf Course ( Penangkal Petir)

Lightning Protection – Thunderstormdays and Golf Course.

Most countries located in the ares under the equator such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Thailand, Phillipine, Vietnam, Myanmar and others have the highest Thunderstormdays in the world. The Guiness Book or Record has mentioned that Bogor City in Indonesia has the highest with 325 thunder stormdays annually. The importance of Lightning Protection Systems and Lightning Detector on the golf course are well known,DSC00647- Mod-01 in order to avoid the golfer and golf course staff manager against the danger of lightning. Currently, especially in Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore the Lightning Protectors as an integral completeness parts of the golf course such as golf carts, flagpoles, pole field border etc. The importance of understanding about the dangers of lightning for the golf course, it can be seen from the USGA United States Golf Association guideline about lightning. This guideline now is widely adopted by the golf courses in Asean countries and Indonesia.  Golf Link Resort Bali Pecatu has  been installed 390 units of Zeus Lightning protector and this golf course is one the the golf course which has also installed the Lightning Detector .

IMG00077-20100304-1738AMany Excellent and Top Class Golf Courses in Indonesia and Malaysia have installed Zeus Lightning Arrestor such as Senayan National Golf Course, Royale Jakarta Golf Halim-3, BSD Golf Course Serpong,  Pondok Indah Golf Course, Sentul Highlands Golf Bogor, Palm Hill Golf Course Sentul, Pantai Indah Kapuk Golf Club jakarta   Labersa Saujana Golf Course Pekanbaru, Sukadjadi Batam Golf Course, New Kuta Bali Pecatu Golf the host of  Indonesia Open Golf Tournament 2009-2010.   The design of lightning protection for the golf course should be made carefully by lightning expert which used the historical data lightning record ( the density and intensity of lightning) in the location.  The countour lay-out of the golf course, the availability of shelters, half way houses,Golf Halim-3A lighting poles, the height of the club house, the availability & the size of water river or lake,  the distance of par-2 par-3 par 4 or par-5 each hole, will influence the placement of the lightning arrestor pole. At the Royale Jakarta Golf Course – Halim Perdanakusuma location, the lighnting protection design is made carefully by the expert team of Lightning Research Station ITB Bandung and the company Zeus Prima Garda has implemented the installation of 30 units lightning poles in this 27 holes golf course. In order to minimize lightning risk this golf course presently use the handheld Thunderbolt lightning detector supplied by Zeus Prima Garda.

Outside Indonesia, Zeus Lightning Arrestors have been installed at  KLGCC Kualalumpur Golf & Country Club Malaysia as the host of Malaysia Open Golf Tournament 2010 – 2011.  

Golf courses are a prime location for lightning strikes of which additional lightning protection poles are necessary. Especially in area such as open greens with a number of small water lakes scattered throughout the golf course, lightning mostly hit easily the golfer. Although many golf courses do have  3-4 shelters throughout  but they are no enough protection against lightning. In USA some instance approximately 5% of those deaths that were caused by lightning were on golf course and in sub-tropical countries as Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia the percentage of lightning death is much higher.New-Kuta-100

As a lightning  thunderstorm approaches a golf course, the only real protection one has is to get to a much larger structure such as  lightning protection poles that were special design for it or to a vehicle. Being in a golf cart on the course as the thunderstorm approaches is one of the alternative  protection temporarily but not sufficient  as a place to be as far as lightning danger and risk.

Lightning can hit everywhere around the globe. In the area which has a highest thunderstormdays in the world, lightning will have the highest density and intensity especially in  the countries such as : Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand and others. The availability of proper Lightning Protection and Surge Protection System are important to protect golfers, golf course staff along with the protection for infrastructure outside and inside the club house against direct and or indirect lightning impulse.


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Lightning at Med-High Voltage Electricity Tower

Lightning at Medium & Hight Voltage PLN Tower 70/150 KV in Samarinda & Balikpapan – East Kalimantan.

LEC PLN -009

LEC PLN -005Tower transmission of PLN 70 KV – 150 KV, in some locations are often impaired due to a direct lightning strike and can cause disruption and damage which interrupt the supply of electricity. Very often lightning strike will destroy the transformer insulator in the PLN transmission & distribution network. Similarly, the high/medium-voltage arrester are supplemented electricity network  grid, are often unable to withstand direct lightning strike into the

PLN transmission & distribution network so that the lightning air terminal has to be installed on the top of the PLN tower.  In East Java, Central Java and Java-West such as in LEC PLN -003Garut, Karawang, Bandung West  for example ZEUS Lightning Air Terminal has been used to protect the 70 and 150 KV PLN towers . Another example can be seen at the medium and high electricity network at Chevron Pacific Indonesia oil company in Duri, Dumai, Tassel and Minas which have been equipped with external lightning protection (air terminal).

The similar lightning protection concept for medium and high voltages tower which is developed by ITB Lightning Research Station, presently has been widely adopted en implemented such as at PLN Batam, PLN West Bandung and some other PLN towers in Indonesia.

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Training on Surge Protection


Since year 1990,  PT Zeus Prima Garda  the company has been organized a course (training) on Surge-Lightning Protection System of which many engineers and technician represented the companies such as: oil & gas industry, telecommunication, satellite & cellular provider, mining companies, power plants, palm oil companies,  airports management, manufacture and many others.   The attendances represented companies such as : Vale, Newmont Minahasa Mining Company, Freeport, CNOOC China National Oil Offshore Corp, Pertamina Indonesia State Oil Company, PT Telkom Indonesia, CSM Satellite Provider, PLN Indonesia State Electricity, YTL Paiton Power Plant East Java, PT Badak NGL Natural Gas Liquification, Chevron Pacific Indonesia, Angkasa Pura Airport Management and many others.








During the 3 days course the participant will get the knowledge about:

  • What is lightning, lightning phenomenon and lightning for modern society.
  • How lightning can interrupt the production process & damaging telecomunication facility and others.
  • The basic knowledge of LPS Lightning Protection System: external protection & internal protection (surge protection) system, grounding and bonding system.
  • External Protection & types of lightning protection technology.
  • Internal Protection : zone protection concept, the placement of surge arrestor.
  • Standard Lightning Protection : IEC 61204, IEC 62305, NFPA etc.
  • Case Study & examples of Lightning hazard to oil-gas facility, telecommunication.
  • Discussion & QA.


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Lightning Detector

penangkal petir Zeus

Lightning Detector   StormPro2  ( Thunderbolt )

Standard Package  

  • The SDS Storm Pro2 (Thunderbolt) base package comes complete with the SDS Storm Pro2 Storm Tracker, a custom fitted hard shell locking case to protect you unit when not in use, and the Intelicharge™ wall charger.  Storm Pro2 Storm Tracker Hand Held Unit, Custom Fitted Hard Shell Locking Case,  Black Field Carry Pouch (6.5″ by 4.5″ and with  220 Volt Wall Charger

ThunderboltMicroProcessor AnalysisStorm tracking system utilizes ground-breaking new technology and represents  a quantum leap forward in storm tracking capabilities. This next generation design uses advanced new charging circuitry to eliminate the need for the
constant purchasing and disposing of environmentally unfriendly batteries. The new Intelicharge technology allows the use and charging of the StormPro2  anywhere in the world. Plus, storm distances are now automatically displayed Detector Thunderbolt Kompilasi in both miles and kilometers, making this new system the most versatile, portable, storm tracking device ever made.

The StormPro2 (Thunderbolt) with Intelicharge is available in Safety Yellow Color and Battery Wall charger is included.

• Tracks dangerous thunderstorm activity from over 90 miles
• Large backlit LCD display with multiple storm status updates including:
Storm Distance, ETA & Time To Clear, etc.
• Automatically displays in both Miles & Kilometers
• Visual & Audible storm warning alerts
• Rechargeable on any current & plug configuration in the world
• Automatic 5 hours shut-down function
• Low battery indicator

Logo ThunderBolt Intl Inc.                   PT Zeus Prima Garda the Indonesia Official Distributor

of Thunderbolt International Inc. USA


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