External Lightning Protection is designed to protect building, infrastructure, oil tank farm, telecommunication tower and human being in open area against lightning strike.

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Tall and high structure such as telecommunication tower, high-rise building, oil tanks farm or electrical poles are easy target for lightning strike which can bring catastrophic damage and significant loss to the company operation. Proper integrated lightning protection system is required to protect those facilities against lightning hazard. External lightning protection consist of External Lightning Air Terminal, cable down conductor and grounding.

ZEUS Product & Services on Surge Lightning  Protection :

  • Consultancy on SLPS Surge & Lightning Protection System.
  • Surveying, Designing the SLPS Surge & Lightning Protection System.
  • Auditing the existing SLPS
  • Manufacturing of Surge Arrestors for Electrical Line, Telecommunications, PABX, VSAT Satellite Dish, Control System DCS- PLC and others.
  • Manufacturing the External Lightning Protection  Equipment, Grounding System Equipment and ThermoWelding Devices.
  • Installing the SLPS Equipment.
  • Conduct Training on SLPS Surge & Lightning Protection System

ZEUS Lightning Protection,Surge Arrester, Grounding Products

  • External Protection: ESE Early Streamer Emission & Electrostatic Air Terminal
  • Down conductor cable.
  • Grounding : grounding bar, earth clamp
  • Thermowelding equipment and appliances.
  • Internal Protection : Surge Arrester for: electrical line, telecommunication, control system, computer & data and others.

Product Services on Lightning Protection: (Penangkal Petir ) :\

  • Manufacturing of External Lightning Terminal :   ESE Early Streamer Emission.
  • Manufacturing of External Lightning Terminal :   System Electrostatic
  • Manufacturing of Grounding Bonding  System & Thermowelding
  • Auditing the Exisiting External – Internal Surge Lightning Protection System.
  • Maintenance SLPS Surge & Lightning Protection System.(Proteksi Petir)
  • Renovation of SLPS Surge Lightning Protection and Grounding System.

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